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 How to generate traffic to my site ? 

Traffic is crucial for any internet business and every webmaster is trying to bring the best traffic on his site/sites , more traffic will always mean more $$ in your pocket ! And now the question is where to find traffic and how to redirect that traffic to your site ? You must know that there are two kinds of traffic : paid traffic (you will buy that traffic from traffic brokers) and free traffic from Search Engines ( SE ) , the last one SE traffic is the most quality traffic because people are getting exactly the thing they are looking for , but to get traffic from SE is not so easy and require a large amount of work , you need to optimize your site for the Search Engines and the whole process is called Search Engines Optimization ( SEO ) , and if you are doing the things in a right way you will get enough traffic from SE after few months , but in the mean time what you will do without traffic ? You know that a site without traffic is a death site so you need traffic to make sales and make money till you will get enough traffic from the SE , so how you will get traffic to your site ? It's easy and pretty simple you can buy traffic from traffic brokers and now I will introduce you the best traffic brokers on the internet : 

JuicyAds Review :

-You can choose to buy : banner  , popunder , mobile traffic , premium traffic , best deals , cheap traffic
- Great for both : Advertisers and Publishers
-You can choose to buy from a specific country or from many countries
-Choose your niche
-Secure payment
-Pay for your traffic with : Interna , Webazilla, AlertPay, Credit Card , BitCoin , Paxum

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Ero-advertising Review :

- Buy traffic at an affordable price
- Choose your audience
- Target your countries
-Choose your niche
-You can buy from a specific seller
- Great for both : Advertisers and Publishers
- Pay for your traffic with : PayPal , Wire and Credit Cards

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PlugRush review :

- Plugrush is very used on the adult industry by both Publishers and Advertisers
- Buy traffic for your niche
- Easy to setup an campaign
- Choose your countries
- Pay for your traffic with : PayPal , Wire , Credit Card , Paxum , Payoneer , Redpass

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Free SEO Tips

As I said before the best traffic is the traffic which comes from the search engines because every user from the internet is using them to find what they need , to be up on the SERPs you need to optimize your site for search engines ! I'm not a SEO guy but using some general things I've learned online all my sites are getting SE traffic daily and I make money daily from that free traffic and that is awesome ! I don't use secret recipes and I only use "white hat" techniques for my sites and I will give you free and simple tricks to increase your Search Engines traffic , this things are still working and they can work for every site :

On page SEO :

- The content is the king , keep your site original and try to keep your content unique
- Don't forget to ad a title , meta description , head tags , page tags to every page of your site
- Write an accurate and original text , the text is very important for SEO
- Use keywords on your text but don't spam with them just use them where they have a sense
- Images have a important role into your site use unique images for your site !
- Keep your site clear , do not abuse of advertising
- Use a responsive design , is very important to have a mobile friendly site since google started to penalize non mobile sites
- Sitemaps

Off page SEO :

- The most important off page SEO part is link building , you need to build links on other sites , especially sites with high authority your niche related , you need to build all kind of links , contextual links , imagine links , direct links , you must to have many dofollow links but also you need some nofollow links too ! Build as many links on your niche  but also links out of your niche ! Some free sources of back links are : blog comments ( do not spam , read the post and leave your constructive comment) , add your site to directories , forum signature links , link exchange ! You can also buy links from different sites (do not ask me for links I don't sell links , and if I will you need to be ready to pay a lot ) and also you will find webmasters ready to sell you blog posts with contextual links !
- Social Media is good now day for SEO and it can boost your site rankings , build social media profiles (not all social media sites allows adult profiles) and you will see the results on SERPs even that the social medial traffic is low quality

The traffic is crucial for any site and any webmaster should invest a lot in traffic , without traffic a site is useless you can generate revenue from a site which do not have traffic , you need to try both to buy traffic and to get free traffic from the SE when you will start to get enough traffic from SE you can stop to buy traffic and you will see the difference if your sales are the same or they are increasing or maybe they are go down so you will know what you need to do ! The truth is that you need to try different traffic sources and you need to invest some money till you will figure out what is the best traffic source for your site !

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