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Some tips for new adult webmasters 

You are new and you don't know where to start ? You don't know what kind of site to build and maybe you are tempted to use a free hosting because you are not willing to spend a lots of money from the beginning ! I will try to guide your first steps into the adult world , I will give you some free tips but this is not a must every new idea can be a success or a disaster everything depends on you !

Promote Cams :

 - If you want to make money fast you need to promote cams , you can start to promote them with only a domain it's enough to start e white label
 - Of course you will start to make real money when you will have more sites
 - Cam white labels were penalized by google but they are still the best promo tool for cams so my advice is to start one white label and build more SEO friendly sites and redirect your SE traffic to your WL
 - See the best cam sponsors of the moment >> HERE <<


Pay Site ? :

 - You maybe heard or you know that pay sites are very used in the adult industry to sell custom videos and pics 
 - Where to start ? and how to start a pay site ? Well to start a pay site is not for new webmasters , you need some experience before starting a new pay site so a good idea is to promote other pay sites till you will have enough experience to have your own 
 - Where you find pay sites to promote ? It's simple you will find a lot of them here :   

Tube site ? 

 - You know that the most searched porn on the internet is free porn , so you maybe want to start a adult tube , but how ? You can have more options depends on you budget you can start a tube site with only few bucks for the hosting !
 - You can buy a custom made template for your site or you can just start a wordpress tube free theme
 - But where to find videos ? Here you can have many options you can buy them from content sellers or you can get them for free as embed videos from  different programs like : RedTube or Sextronix
 - You want to monetize your traffic then you then you need to sell your traffic , see all places where you can sell your traffic > HERE <

Free hosting or paid hosting ? :

 - I know that most of the new webmasters have a limited budget so choosing a good hosting is a problem
 - You can choose a free hosting but from my experience that hosting will let you down when you will start to make money , my advice is to choose a shared hosting and a decent domain not a free domain because they will shut your account down when you will start to make money 
 - There are some good and cheap hostings out there you can see them >> HERE <<
 - It's ok to use some free blog hosting just for SEO purpose even that the SEO juice is low
 - A great way to host your sites if you want a site and you don't want to pay for the hosting is to setup a cam White Label which is a copy of the main cam site but you use your own brand to promote it !


Where to find deals ? :

 - If you can to grow your business it's a must to interact with other webmasters , you can find them on the webmasters boards
 - On webmaster boards you will find also content producers , affiliate programs managers , business partners etc
 - The best webmaster forum is
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