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Advices for Webcam Models

Are you a webcam model ? or maybe you want to become one then you should try our advices and the sites we will recommend you , we are working only with the biggest names in the industry and we can advice you to grow your online revenue , all depends on you if you want to be a mediocre webcam model or you want to be one of the top models ! The following things are advices if you want to follow them you will increase your earnings of course they are not an must but they are few great ideas to bring you more money ! 
I will try to touch some important aspects of the webcam modeling activity , I'll try to give you some ideas to start on this business from your home , is much easy for you to start in a professional studio because there you will get a proper train , usually all webcam studios have trainers who will help you and who will teach you how to start in this business, but I know that not everyone can go on a studio so I try to guide your first steps to this world and I will give you some tips , I will try to touch some important aspects , so let's start :


 Who can be a webcam model ?

 - Anyone can be a webcam model !
 - You need to be at least 18 years old , after that there are no limits !

 - Webcam modeling is for everyone , no matter what gender you are (female , male , transsexual , couple ) !

 - You are not really tall and skinny ? Don't worry most of the models are not , so don;t be shy of your body people will like you for sure

 - English is mandatory , you need to speak english at least at a medium level , but you will find also sites in french !

 - I have to be an IT specialist ? No way is enough to have basic PC use knowledges , if you are able to use facebook you will be able to handle with the video chat sites !


 Technical Requirements 

 - First of all you need a good PC sistem , it can be MAC but is not recommended , a minimal sistem to start will be a intel I3 , at least 8 GB of RAM memory ( this PC will handle 2 or 3 sites in HD ) . This is a minimal sistem for webcam modeling ideally is a good PC let's say a I7 with 16 GB of RAM !
- High internet speed , the internet speed is crucial for the quality of the stream , but keep in mind you need to have high UPLOAD speed because you are uploading things not downloading , so keep in mind this , the you need high upload speed not download (20Mbps upload its a must if you want to be live in HD on many sites) !

 - What camera do you need ? A good webcam it's enough if you can't afford a handycam ! I highly recommend to buy a Logitech C920 Pro Webcam because it's a good full HD webcam and an affordable one with this webcam you will be able to broadcast on any site !

 - For a good quality of the stream you will need a series of lights , two diffusion umbrellas behind your webcam one on your left and another one on you right side and a light up on the ceiling to kill all the shadows and give you a professional image ! 

 - If you want to be live on multiple sites at the same time then you need a splitcam software , the best one is the one you will find on which is a great splitcam software and is pretty affordable just 19,95$ , but if you want to try a free software then I recommend you the one from

 - Don't forget about your room , the room must be nice , ideally is to have a nice bed and a nice wallpaper with nice colors to match with 
your furniture and with everything else !

 - High quality photos (professional erotic and glamour photos , for that ideally is to take them at a photo studio

Types of webcam sites

 - There are three big types of webcam sites :

1. Sites with direct private : people will take you directly in a private chat , you will not need to chat with them in a free chat if they like you they take you in a private chat ! To convince them to enter in you room you need to have a complete profile with a lots of photos and videos ! Keep in mind you can make nice money on this kind of sites even they are not very popular !

2. Sites with free chat and private chat : you will chat with the users on the free mode , everybody can chat with you and everybody can see you for free and when a member wanna more of you will take you in a private chat where you will be alone ! This are very used sites and we can say that this kind of sites are very popular ! An example of this kind of site is Ifriends and one of mine

3. Sites with free chat with tips : now days a lots of people are using this kind of sites as surfers and also as webcam models ! In this kind of sites models are usually doing things for tips ! This king of sites a very popular and they usually have huge traffic and a lots of members with money , models just love this sites because they make real money there ! An example of site kind of is Chaturbate

 - If you wonder if there are sites where the nudity is not mandatory then you should know that the nudity is not mandatory on all sites , you do what your are comfortable to do nobody can force you to do things , but if you want to make more money then you should feel comfortable with the nudity ! 

 - some of video chat sites have a non adult category which is perfect for those who don't want to get naked in cam (of course you will make less money on the non adult than on adult but is all your choice )!

 - A good site to start in this business is Ifriends and if you are more open mind and if you want more money you can try Chaturbate

How do I get paid

 - Usually cam sites have many payment option like : wire transfer , check via mail , direct deposit , payoneer etc
- The most reliable option is to aply for a Payoneer card because is used by all the sites and is the most cheap payment option when we are talking about fees

 - Soon I will do a tutorial how to apply for a Payoneer card , click on the banner to get a free Payoneer card and 25$ bonus !

Some thoughts

This can be your dream job you can have a lot of fun and you can earn a lot of money from your home , is not easy is not simple but if you will work hard in few weeks you earnings will grow ! You can make a bank or you can make a decent living from your home ! You need to keep in mind that the schedule is very important you need to go on cam at the same time daily , chat with your users on different topics be a friendly host , never ask for privates , tips or money if you will deserve be sure that members will give you more than you aspect, make them fall with you make them dependent of you and they will be generous with you !
Please follow this site I will try to bring more information regarding this activity and I will try to make more tutorials for webcam models for the beginning I will try to teach you how to make a model account on some sites and will come more in the future !

I promote webcam models !

New ! I started to promote webcam models for more traffic to their rooms and for more money for them ! For a moment I promote them here on this site in "our models" page , I started to make some reviews to spotlight some names from different cam sites ! So if you are a webcam model you are nice and hard worker and you want to be promoted and to increase your earnings then you can contact me and I will add a blog post , where I will review your chat room, for that you can send me  a picture of you and you can write yourself your review if you want ! Attention you don't need to pay for that is totally free  ,I make my money by sending new customers to your chat room and the site will pay me not the model the models ! Unfortunately for now I can promote only those models who are working on the following cam sites : Chaturbate , Streamate , Ifriends and Imlive , other sites will be added soon ! If you want more traffic for your chat room , if you want to increase your popularity and you want more money then you must email me !
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